Zhangjiajie Mayor Signed Scenery Postcard welcomes the arrival of the New Year

Around the world, The most beautiful scenery is in Zhangjiajie. On December 30th, with the beautiful scenery postcards which autographed by the people’s government of Zhangjiajie mayor Xu Xianhui has publicly listed, to welcome the arrival of the New Year in 2015. It is the first set of mayor signed copy scenery postcards in resort city.

The set of postcard is designed elegantly, with a total of 6 pieces. It includes Tianzi mountain, Yuanjiajie, HuangLong hole, Baofeng lake, Tianmen mountain, Shi Yan ping essence attractions. It shows Zhangjiajie beautiful natural scenery and unique humanistic amorous feelings. Fronts are the best scenery photography pictures, with the signature of the mayor Xu Xianhui. On the back of postcard, it has a “Around the world, the most beautiful Zhangjiajie” QR code, so people can share the most beautiful Zhangjiajie to the circle of friends, to give the beautiful scenery of Zhangjiajie to more friends and family and New Year blessing.

Translated by Sophia