Zhangjiajie Folk Show “Charming Xiangxi” wouldn’t be cut during off Season

Hundreds of domestic and foreign guests heartily enjoy unique fantastic Xiangxi skill“Guiguzi Kungfu”, with campfire surrounding, at Zhangjaijie Charming Xiangxi outdoor performance site on December 27th.

“Our show will take the social responsibility to satisfy winter tourist guests’ hope for folk shows, without cutting it”, site director Yang Jihong said. He added that they would be busier this year, for at the invitation of National Cultural Department, They will give a condolence performance in Bulgaria and the Czech Republic .

During the off-season, There are about 800 guests per day to come. The site is full of high spirit in spite of less than one-third attendance, which makes sure the show’s safety and quality and wins agreed praises from guests.

Translated by Zumi