Zhangjiajie Marketing mixing heats up tourism

Eight travel promotion teams lead by Zhangjiajie municipal government and made up of all the enterprises in Zhangjiajie scenic spots have been promoting around both home and abroad since July, heating up travel and popularity as well. Thus, the growing rate of tourists per day hits more than 50% on a month-on-month basis.

Influenced by global economic slowdown and small demand in tourists consumption, Zhangjiajie travel didn’t meet its heyday in April which used to be the boom season in old days. Therefore, Many marketing mixing measures have been launched to change this situation, such as “A free year for global students at primary and middle-school age in Zhangjiajie core scenic spots”, non-stop flight s between Zhangjiajie and Thailand and Taiwan, some direct promotion activities in main cities including Beijing,Shanghai, Shenzhen and so on. Thus, Zhangjiajie has embraced a travel boom with total revenue of more than nine billion until July and tourists’ population of more than 15 million.

By Brenda