Final Battle in Tianmen Mountain–Red Bull Drifting Race in Heaven Road

The 99 curves of Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain, featured by amazedness, awesomeness, and strangeness, are renowned as the No.1 precipitous highway by media both home and abroad. Since 2008, many celebrity including Sun honglei (A famous Chinese actor),Su youpeng(A famous Taiwan singer and actor) have driven on this road successively.

On Aug.17th, this road to the heaven will witness a breathtaking auto racing “Final Battle in Tianmen–Red Bull Drifting Race in Heaven Road”. The most excellent drifting racer, Deng zhilun from Hongkong and top racing driver, Deferderico from Italy will contend for the king of heaven road.

This race is unprecedentedly difficult and dangerous, which is a numerous test for both racer’s courage and skills and the performances of racing cars. Thus, the result suspends. The real-life The Fast and The Furious is on the way, so for those racing enthusiasts, what are you waiting for?

By Brenda