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“Red Bull Heaven Road Drift Contest”Held in Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mount

On August 17th, afternoon,“Final Battle in Tianmen–Red Bull Heaven Road Drift Contest” is kicked off in Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mount scenic spot. Deng zhilun, A drifter from HK, China, and Federico from Italy ride their racing cars that have been specially modified, start from Heaven Road and arrive in the parking lot of Tianmen Cave after passing 99 super curves on the six-meter sky way. The whole journey covers 11 kilometers and has 99 curves including 30 hairpin curves with 180°and 13 curves adjacent to the cliffs. During the contest, both of them not only have to finish the whole road, but also compete in speed, drift angles and coherence, and the final winner comes out after severe judgments from the professional judges. After comprehensive assessment, Federico crowns the “King of the Heaven Road Drift” with the average score of 96.5.

On that day, many tourists and Zhangjiajie citizens appreciate the grand occasion and shout their cheers and congratulations.

By Crystal