Southern Airline will offer more flights from Zhangjiajie to Taiyuan to Yinchuan

Starting from March 30th, Zhangjiajie flight bounding for Taiyuan–Yinchuan Southern Airline will be officially dredged by Southern Airline. Since then, One more air flight is available for northwestern citizens who are eager to appreciate world natural hertige in Zhangjiajie.

The airline aircraft is airbus A320 and flight number is CZ6281. There is one flight every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. This flight sets off at 15:00pm from Zhangjiajie and arrives at Taiyuan at 16:55pm and finally arrives at Yinchuan at 19:05pm. The return flight sets off at 20:00pm from Yinchuan and arrives at Taiyuan at 21:10PM and finally arrives at Zhangjiajie at 23:55PM. As for ticket price, price for economic flight from Zhangjiajie to Yinchuan is RMB1600 and RMB 1240 from Zhangjiajie to Taiyuan.

Another news from Southern Airline that new 2014 flight schedule of summer and autunm will be carried out from March 30th. More domestic and foreign flights will be recovered to support travel peak season of Zhangjiajie. Flghts from Changsha to Zhangjiajie and from Changsha to Bangkok will be increased to one flight every day to boost up tourist market from Thailand. Since April 1st, flight from Zhangjiajie to Taipei will also be resumed and one flight is available every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Outward flight is CZ3025 departuring from Zhangjiajie at 15:30PM and arriving at Taipei at 18:00PM and return flight is CZ3026 setting off from Taipei at 19:30PM and arriving at Zhangjiajie at 22:10PM. Single ticket without tax is RMB1980.

By Patricia