Zhangjiajie Jinbian Stream Scenic Spot Realized Safety and Satisfaction

This year golden week, zhangjiajie JinBian stream scenic spot did the following several aspects to realize safety and satisfaction.

1, flow stability, road smooth. Scenic area along the line section decorated with duty police and audit staff, especially in hot spots and wild monkey haunt areas, timely adviced and guided the tourists to reduce retention time, preventing congestion.

2, Clean road without visual pollution. Scenic spots with no traffic tools, completely by hand to clean up the road. Walking with cheek by jowl greatly affected the speed and increased difficult backpac. Junk transporting personnel worked far into the night every day, not to let a bag of rubbish in the scenic spot for the night.

3, 24 hours on duty to make sure visitors safety. To cope with the situation that passengers came back home late, scenic spot in advance prepared for each lighting flashlight, convenient and timely for escorting tourists.

4, Responsive, solving the problem of visitors timely.

Translated by Sophia