World's Best Wingsuit Pilots to Compete for Title in Tianmenshan

Jeb Corliss , American skydiver and base jumper turns up in Changsha on Oct.9, 2012.

16 world-class wingsuit pilots from nine countries.

The first World Wingsuit Flying Championship is scheduled to be held at the steep peaks and dangerous valleys of Tianmen Mountain during October 12-14. Sponsored by the World Wingsuit Alliance, this competition will give birth to the first world record for unpowered human flight.

Sixteen of the world's top wingsuit pilots from nine countries will take off one after another from a vertical cliff some 1,400 meters above sea level. The course takes a sharp right into the valleys and the turns back again. After passing the end of the cableway through Tianmen Mountain, they will release their parachutes before finally landing on a twisting mountain road. The fastest pilot to complete the course will be awarded the title "Wingsuit Flying King". The global sports authority has been invited to witness this world record.   Translator: Guo Yan Source: Hunan Official Web Portal