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Fully display the charm of Wulingyuan Unique Travel

In the past history of the most popular golden week, not only wulingyuan scenic core received the highest tourist reception in history, but also some characteristic travel scenic spots like holes, lakes, science and technology museums received the sharp increase.

According to WuLingYuan figures of October 9th, eight seven-day holiday, the world cave scenic wonders – huanglong hole was full of visitors every day. Going to ecological square, admiring the scenery of karst cave, which let guests enjoyed the joys of holiday. Meanwhile, in the Baofeng lake scenic spot had a busy atmosphere. In the daytime, Chinese and foreign tourists enjoyed boating and gorge. In the evening, appreciating tujia long epic TiMa god song with wonderful taste.

At the same time, during the golden week, wulingyuan science, religion culture, leisure shopping and special travel products were also more favored by visitors.

Translated by Sophia