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Zhangjiajie Huanglong Cave Recruit Foreign Interpreters

Recently,it is sourced from Zhangjiajie Huanglong Scenic Spot that in order to meet the demands of travel market,this spot for the first time to recruit foreign interpreters who master English ,Thai language and Russian well in a national scope.

” More and more foreign tourists pay their visit here ,we should in line with the tendency and promote the service quality to satisfy tourists “A director of Huanglong Scenic Spot said.He also added in the year of 2010,they have already recruited Korean interpreters.Now this measure is  in order to maintain the well-known national brand image as well as enhance brand awareness at home and aboard.

Statistics shows that the first quarter in 2012 has welcomed nearly 100,000 tourists ,20% increase than last year.Mostly owe to series promotion activities such as International Country Music Week ,International Culture and Tourism Festival,which brought in  crowds of foreign tourists.Except the increase of Malaysians and Thais ,tourists from America ,Russia Australia and New Zea-land also boost.

Translated by Aileen