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Hunan Travel Bureau Introduces Ten Red Theme Travel Routes

At the working conference of Hunan red travel convened on April 16, Hunan Provincial Tourism Bureau (HPTB) released the ten red theme travel routes, aimed at further contributing to the credentials of “Red Tourism”.

According to Yang Guangrong, head of the HPTB, a series of red theme activities will be launched in Hunan. The seventh Hunan Red Tourism Festival will be held in Chaling County, Zhuzhou City, in connection with the neighboring provinces, forming red travel circles including Hunan-Hubei-Jiangxi and Hunan-Hubei-Guangdong travel clusters. He urged to achieve the goal of attracting over 50 million tourists and earning over 28 billion yuan of comprehensive income in 2012.

As a province abundant in red travel resources, Hunan has several National 5A Tourist Attraction red travel scenery spots, including Shaoshan, Yuelu Mountain, the Orange Isle and ten National 4A tourist attraction scenery spots. In 2011, Hunan received a total of 40.42 million tourists, and realized a comprehensive income of 22.77 billion yuan in red travel.

Translator: Hao Jingru

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal