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Travel in Zhangjiajie & Make friends in Universities

Where is the best choice for you to go on a holiday ?Absolutely ,is Zhangjiajie, a world-wide known travel city in Hunan Province ,China.In Zhangjiajie ,there are trees ,flowers thrive on anywhere your sight can reach.Also ,gorgeous  sceneries serve as a visual feast for you—spectacular peaks ,secluded valley s ,serene waters and karst caves.

Traveling in Zhangjiajie enrich your experience and make friends in Zhangjiajie ‘s universities make your life colorful.

Jishou University Zhangjiajie Branch is the highest one in Zhangjiajie.It encompasses Foreign Language Department(major in English ,Japanese and Korean) ,Tourism Department and Preparatory Department only for national minority students(like Uighur People,Zhuang People…)and other 3 departments.Make friends with college students helps your travel in Zhangjiajie more comfortable and convenient ,also have a better understanding of Zhangjiajie culture.

It only costs you 10 minutes by a taxi directly from Zhangjiajie train station to Jishou University Zhangjiajie Branch.Or 1 RMB and about half an hour by a NO.6 bus.

There are also colleges located in the center of Zhangjiajie city,like Zhangjiajie Aviation Industry Vocational and Technical School .

Source and translated by Aileen