Zhangjiajie Helong Memorial Made itself one of the National 4A-Level Scenic Spots

Recently the evaluation committee of the national scenic spots quality level has declared through the No. 201212 file that the Helong Memorial at Sangzhi County already reached a 4A level in scenic spots quality requirements and became a national 4A level scenic spot. This honor is a further national brand of Helong Memorial followed by the reputation known as the National Relic Protection Unit, the Demonstration Base of National Patriotism Education, the Demonstration Base of Military Education, one of the thirty delicate Red Tour Lines and one of the one hundred classic Red Scenic Spots.

Zhangjiajie Helong Memorial is located in Helong General’s hometown, Hongjia Guan Village of Sangzhi County. Nowadays this memorial has been constructing the scenic spot and enhancing the travel environment sharply through perfecting travel transportation, completing the viewing facilities, strengthening tourists’ safe, enhancing cleaning management, providing post office service and improving shopping in tour. Simultaneously this memorial also actively conducted the evolution resources development and invited experts in Chinese army’s history and the history of Chinese Communist Party to explore and refine the cultural relic here so as to make a full use of every single relic. Moreover old red army men and the offspring of the second red army men were interviewed to find historical details therefore to promote the legendry color of the relic and the sites and to make noticeable the attraction and power of amazing tourists.

Translated by Vincent Chou