Total of 800,000 Travelers Exit or Enter Hunan

Altogether 5,467 entry-exit flights (ships) had been checked in Hunan with 800,575 passengers in total by December 13, 2012, setting a new record again.

Hunan Border Defense Contingent innovates the service mode, improves the supporting services, and optimizes the customs clearance efficiency to bring the demonstration effect of Changsha Border Inspection Station into a full play. It cooperates with the customs, the inspection and quarantine bureaus, the safety Inspection and the international chheck-in units to conduct the "Comfortable and Convenient Project" to provide one-stop service. It also organizes the Lei Feng female service team of border inspection and the border inspection mobile workstation, provides "border inspection consulting service" for foreign-related enterprises, holds regular symposiums for airlines and travel agencies, launches the law popularizing service, standardizes the operation and simplifies customs procedures to realize the convenient customs clearance with high-efficiency, provides the loving service for the elderly, infirm, sick, disabled and pregnant, and offers courteous reception and convenience for major and special events in Hunan.

Translator: Zhang Shu

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal