Zhangjiajie Huanglong Cave & BaoFeng Lake Ticket prices will be adjusted up

On December 7th, hunan bureau of commodity price in its official website published a notice, said: the tickets price of zhangjiajie huanglong hole, baofeng lake will have a change in the middle of March, 2013.The tickets price of the huanglong hole will adjust 80 yuan/pax to 100 yuan/pax, BaoFeng lake from 74 yuan/pax to 96 yuan/pax.

Zhangjiajie Huanglong hole, Baofeng lake are famous scenic spots in zhangjiajie, located in the world natural heritage wulingyuan scenic spot, near the eastern end of wulingyuan scenic spot core. Huanglong hole is known as the world cave “all-around champion,” China’s most beautiful tourist cave, 2011 “famous Chinese trademark”; Baofeng lake is known as “human jade pool” , awarded the “China top ten charm travel leisure lakes” .

Translated by Sophia