Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge’s architect made an on-the spot Investigation in Grand Canyon

On November 23, 2012, Mr. Haim Dotan, the architect who will design the glass bridge in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon which will be the highest and longest glass bridge in the world, together with Doron Shalev, a famous construction safety analyst from Israel, made an on-the-spot investigation in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon for this project.

On the construction spot, Haim Dotan was so excited after overlooking the unique, precipitous but wonderful landscape that he frankly said:” It’s a more than perfect combination to build the longest glass bridge of the world in Zhangjiajie, the most beautiful place on earth. And I believe more wonders will be created here”. Doron Shalev, who is an Israeli expert in construction safety and power safety assessment coming here for the first time, is very concerned with the design idea and construction of the longest glass bridge around the world. He said that he had conducted experiments many a time on the design plan from Haim Dotan to test its feasibility and proved the plan is feasible and safe based on science.

According to the introduction from one of the managers of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Resort, the construction project of this glass bridge has come to the crucial stage already. On November 24, Haim Dotan and Doron Shalev, discussed with other experts from China Railway Group Bridge Design Institute, PLA University of Science and Technology, etc. in Wuhan on the material adoption of this bridge. Accordingly, aerospace material will be used to build the bridge, which will markedly improve the safety.

Translated by Vincent Chou