Qianzhangchang Railway is Anticipated to Start Construction in 2013

As planned, Qianzhangchang railway will start from Qianjiang District (Chongqing City) in the west, go through Xianfeng County and Laifeng County (Hubei Province), Zhangjiajie (Hunan Province) then by way of Taoyuan County(Changde City), finally arrive at Changde railway station. Its designed speed per hour is going to be above 200 kilometers.

When finished, this railway will become passenger and cargo fast track that connects Chengdu-Chongqing and central China, and links up East China and South China.

This new railway will last about 329 kilometers; the total investment will be about 34.8 billion yuan. As estimated, it will take four year to build this Qianzhangchang railway. When it is open to traffic, we can go to Chongqing from Changsha within 4 hours by train, which will save approximately 7 hours compared with existed Yuhuai railway.

Qianzhangchang railway will fundamentally improve the poor transportation connection in Wuling district, and promote the economic development there.

Translated by Becky