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Zhangjiajie First “Mobile Cup” Hand Phone Shooting Competition Launched on Sept 24th

The theme of this contest is “Zhangjiajie in my eyes: the harmonious development of civilization”. Hand Phone Shooting Competition will choose Zhangjiajie as the territorial characteristics, using mobile phones as the carrier, which focused on urban civilization, development and harmony.

Using mobile phone function of taking pictures and video, it is convenient to intake social life, to share the urban development, social progress and civilization health. The filmed videos will be uploaded to Zhangjiajie podcast website (Http://v.Zhangjiajie.gov.cn), the image works will be uploaded to Zhangjiajie BBS public image life section (Http://www.bbsZhangjiajie.com). Through the panel voting, the winning entries will finally show in Zhangjiajie government portal website and BBS public network.

Translated by Sophia