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Hundred of Little Painters gathered in Zhangjiajie Yellow Dragon Cave scenic area

Good wine is not afraid of being hidden in deep alley. on Sept.25th, at mountain climbing corridor, office building, BaJiaoLou ticket office and country Music Festival opening stage, hundreds of little painter’s creative passion has not been impacted a little bit by drizzles in the Yellow Dragon Cave scenic area.

Leading teacher says, they are from Gufeng of calligraphy painting, A total of 100 people including teachers and students. They know Zhangjiajie Yellow Dragon Cave scenic area through the country Music Festival and online pictures of this year. Today,the real scene has thrown students and teachers for a loop and he felt so excited and inspired. Everything around here, such as flowers and grass, pavilions on the ground floor, bridges, fields was vivid teaching material of architectural culture and farming culture of tujia people. What a paradise for our painters!

In the future,he said he would bring more students to come here and let more people to know the natural landscape and Tujia culture of Zhangjiajie through their students’ paintings.

It is informed that Gufeng of calligraphy painting will spend seven days creating, and good work after being selected by famous painters will attend the exhibition in Wuhan, Their next stop will in Fenghuang.

By Brenda