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Zhangjiajie Deputy Mayor Meeting with Delegation of Thai National Travel

According the source from Zhangjiajie official website, A delegation of Thai National Tourism Administration leaded by Songzai, the mayor of Phuket, paid a visit to Zhangjiajie on September 25. Xiang Zuoyi, The deputy mayor of Zhangjiajie, received the study group. The two sides made a friendly communication on the questions like how to enhance the tourist and cultural cooperation.

After expressing a warm welcome to the delegation, Mr.Xiang made a brief introduction of Zhangjiajie. He said: Famous for Tourism, Zhangjiajie owns abundant tourist resources. Since it has the unique “Zhangjiajie Landform”-forest with quartzose sandstone and gorge landform, it has attracted travelers at home and abroad. Therefore, Zhangjiajie has been implementing the policy to improve the development of economy under the focus of Tourism. In addition, Zhangjiajie has rich cultural deposits and unique ethnic customs. Some tourist shows, like“Tianmenshan Fairy Fox” and “Charming Xiangxi”represent the ethnic features from different angle.“Considering that Phuket has a lot of experience and practical method on travel, I hope that we can make a deeper communication and cooperation” He added.

Located in the south of Thailand, The island of Andaman Sea, Phuket governs the whole island. Renowned as“The Pearl of Thailand”, Phuket is a world-famous tropical tourist attractions with ample natural resources. During the meeting, Songzai expressed that this trip showed many surprises. She not only enjoyed the fabulous nature sights, but also had a better understanding of Zhangjiajie. She also sincerely invited the performance groups of Zhangjiajie to Thialand, interacting and cooperating with tourist performance on both countries. When the meeting came to the end, both sides exchanged the gifts.

By Zumi