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Fenghuang“Application for World Heritage”Gives Engine to Travel

Recently, In the ancient castle of Shujiatang village, A-la-ying county (The vital military outpost relics that declared to be listed as a world culture heritage by Fenghuang county and the national key cultural relic protection unit), villagers from 49 old dwellings sign a overall protection protocol on these old buildings with the county government. That is to select the new location by Government and then to build villages of amorous feelings and Miao features, so that the villagers can live and work as well as develop travel. There are 6 million funds that collected by Government and are put into place.

Same with Shujiatang village, Huangsiqiao village and La-hao village of Dulixiang in A-la-ying are also the national key cultural relic protection units and the vital military outpost heritages. The two villages will be protected by Government and new sites will be selected to build villages of amorous feelings and Miao features for villagers. After the military outpost heritages are re-paired well, tourists can visit and play in the heritages while they will eat and shop in the amorous villages. These three “Declared” vital military outpost heritages are on the two sides of expressway of Fenghuang-Daxing airport.

Fenghuang changed its “Declaration” route and was listed into the ready directory of national declaration world culture heritage on the name of “Regional protective relics” on November 17, 2012. These relics include seven categories that embody 15 military protective relics: Fenghuang ancient city, China South Great Wall, Huang siqiao ancient town, etc.

Regional protective center and culture relics enforcement team are set up in the county; a military and cultural museum is under construction on the east main street of the core area of the county. All of these will make Fenghuang a display platform of “Declaration” and a vital travel scenic spot.

By Crystal