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Harley Davidson trip to Zhangjiajie country music was held successfully

With Autohome Website, Harley Davidson, Changsha, was established in early 2013. As the largest Harley 4S shop, it is located in western part, 2 kilometers away from junction of the south road of Wangjia at Yuhua district in Changsha city and Huanggu road (Right across Jinhai middle school). Recently, associated with Zhangjiajie country music festival, Harley riders and music gathered 200 Harley riders all over the country together to Zhangjiajie! Many citizens and tourists raised hand camera pictures after them everywhere they arrive. With Powerful roar to the rhythm of rock music and the perfect combination of music, it has pioneered the classic mode of “Music” in the “Ride”.

Country music is one of the American pop music, originated in the southern United States agricultural region and means of living in the mountain villagers’ singing in 1920, after the evolution of development, it has been gradually popular around the world. Zhangjiajie international country music festival refers to folk music art all the world with distinctive national features and various forms.

Zhangjiajie, A world natural heritage, is also the national folk music culture and art of the township. The platforms in zhangjiajie for international country music are aimed at showing professional soft and rural folk music, local music to the people of all nationalities, and to inherit the heritage of country music art, to promote the development of world culture.

By Brenda