Zhangjiajie Appeared Mirage-like Spectacular Sights After Rain

On the morning of July 3th, The tourist Resort-Zhangjiajie was clear after rain. Large-scale sea of clouds appeared in Wulingyuan core scenic area, Where a few photographers shot a dreamlike spectacular admiring wonder of “Mirage”at the entrance of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.

It is said that this“Mirage”was not a false scene. In fact, It is an upscale hotel located between Zhangjiajie urban area and Wulingyuan area. Under the misty flowing clouds and fogs, It became dreamlike. Far away from it is Tianmenshan, The soul of Wulingyuan, As well as surrounding mountains. They were very pleasing and enjoyable against those clouds.

Transalted by Zumi