Transportation from Changsha to Zhangjiajie

By Air

There are two flights from Changsha Huanghua International Airport to Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport every day. The flight departure times are 08:50 and 19:10. Each flight takes half an hour and ticket price is about 500-800 yuan. (Southern Air CZ3984 19:10pm- 20:00pm).

By Train

Train is also another choice since there are 8 trains from Changsha to Zhangjiajie in per day. And the fast one is with duration 4 hrs 38min from 08:29 to 13:07

Train Timetable from Changsha to Zhangjiajie

Train No. Departs Arrives Depart-Arrival Duration Distance(km)

K533/K536 Changsha Zhangjiajie 02:39-07:32 4h53m 396

K9072/K9073 Changsha Zhangjiajie 04:08-09:45 5h37m 396

K967/K966 Changsha Zhangjiajie 07:43-12:35 4h52m 396

K1373/K1376 Changsha Zhangjiajie 08:05-14:02 5h57m 396

T8308/T8309 Changsha Zhangjiajie 08:29-13:07 4h38m 396

K9031/K9034 Changsha Zhangjiajie 22:12-09:30 11h18m 720

K9064/K9065 Changsha Zhangjiajie 22:18-03:39 5h21m 396

K9024/K9025 Changsha Zhangjiajie 23:44-04:51 5h7m 396

By Regular bus

First: By airport bus to Changsha bus station(Changsha West Bus Station OR Changsha East Bus Station)

Second: By Regular bus to Zhangjiajie city(120RMB/per for one way trip,About 4 hours one-way time) We recommend Changsha West Bus Station.

The Changsha-Zhangjiajie Highway has been completed and opened to traffic from October, 1st of 2005, thus considerably shortening the time and distance between the two destinations from previous 8 hours to the present 4 hours by bus.

Join-in Bus to Zhangjiajie

During Zhangjiajie Peak Season(March-November),It is very convenient to get Join-in Bus(Car & Vehicle) between zhangjiajie and changsha.also you can directly bus to zhangjiajie city.and reduce the transfer troubles.The most important thing is that you can get preferential prices(USD30-50/P.P).If you need this information,Pls contact us thru online-email service(sales@zhangjiajietravel.com)