The Cross-strait Environmental Resources&Ecology Conservation Conference

The 15th Cross-strait environmental resources & Ecology conservation conference will be held in Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan world natural heritage site, World geological park scenic area from July 5-11.

At the appointed time, Scholars from the mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong will widely and closely communicate with each other. Around the theme of construction of ecological civilization, and enjoy the beautiful homeland, The meeting will discuss from “Ecosystem and biodiversity protection”, “Ecological environment protection, restoration and reconstruction”, “Climate change and disaster prevention”, “Ecological civilization and beautiful home”, “Zhangjiajie landscape and geological science” five aspects.

It is understood that the seminar from all walks of life scale is much higher than ever before. Among them, scholars and students at the university from Taiwan and Hong Kong are nearly 10 to 60 people. Besides academic communication, At the same time, The participants will also visit Zhangjiajie core landscape and Zhangjiajie world geological park.

Translated by Sophia