Zhangjiajie&Fenghuang tourist High-rail train is looking forward to being

This year, Guangzhilv spends “Zhangjiajie-Fenghuang tourist High-rail train”, from the first day of the lunar year to 4th. It is reported that the implementation of the real name system, visitors are required to give twenty days to the travel agency to regist train and high-rail tour line. At present, it has entered the countdown stage,  and it suggests citizens to have a registration during the Spring festival in the week (21th) early. GuangZhiLv also introduces preferential policies to stimulate the market, the start line between every February 9th (New Year’s eve) to February 13th (Chinese), they can enjoy double optimal superiorly, in addition to the quota preferential 100 yuan outside, still can stack a bulk discount, the highest can save 200 yuan.

In order to meet different consumer groups, according to different reception standard, the special products roll out the price from 1999 yuan to 2499 yuan RMB, the line is cheaper than the plane group nearly one thousand yuan. To let visitors travel comfortablely, most products admites to the four star hotel, the fee including the dragon elevator up to the core scenic spot YuanJiaJie, as well as tianzi mountain line cable car.

Translated by Sophia