North Korean State National Art Troupe China Tour in Changsha

At the invitation of the China International Culture Communication Center, the North Korean State National Art Troupe came to China for culture exchange and performance tour and made Changsha the eighth stop. The performance was staged at the Hunan Grand Theater on the evening of January 25 and 26, 2013.

During the one and half hours' show on January 25, the art troupe presented more than 20 typical works of North Korean music and dance. Their performance revealed the long-established culture heritage of North Korea, representing the North Korean national style of being cheerful and passionate, exquisite and elegant and subtle. The artists also sang such familiar Chinese songs as "Wonderful Day" and "Jasmine" in Chinese.

The North Korean State National Art Troupe was founded in 1947 and now is one the three national art troupes of North Korea.

Translator: Wang Bilian

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal