Zhangjiajie winter tour show the ecstasy and charm

It is  time to welcome new year. Try to go to zhangjiajie to have a look. For one thing, a vision of zhangjiajie mountain stone, perhaps under white snow, rare pure. For another thing, in the reputation of “world natural heritage”, zhangjiajie, this mysterious place, also it is given birth to the mysterious primitive culture. Having New Year’s day in zhangjiajie, let Zhangjiajie folk strength conquer you.

Zhangjiajie, the biggest attraction is the mountain, according to statistics, there is 3103 seats, including more than one thousand seat with 400 meters relative elevation. It can be called “mountain sea”. Zhangjiajie, in every peaks, a perfect print. This picture is natural, no traces of artificial pitching tool.

Zhangjiajie has a wonderful scenery in four seasons, with winter clothing, it is particularly attractive. Upping toward the mountain, snow is thicker. The leaves are thin ice, like an amber, glittering and translucent. Branches, trunk also becomes smooth and fair. To reach the top, ten thousand mountain peaks are into an iceberg, icicle, ice, ice curtain, ice organ, very splendor!

Translated by Sophia