Zhangjiajie Will Host National Water-skiing Championship in October

2013 National water-skiing championship and jet skis exhibitions will be held on October 29th-November 5th, Zhangjiajie city center lishui river.

At that time, it will have 14 sports team which comes from hunan, Beijing, Zhejiang and other places. More than 100 athletes competed in figure, swing, leap triathlon and hybrid programs and nine projects.

During this game, The audience can not only enjoy the exciting water water skiing competition and motorboat gripping ring racing, also can see “Pyramid”, “Water ballet”, “Dragon water” and other excellent performances of the water. People will have unprecedented perspective of experience.

2013 National water-skiing championship and jet skis exhibition “Settled in” Zhangjiajie. It is an organic fusion of water water skiing athletic sports and the world natural heritage, To show beautiful scenery. It will have a positive role in promoting zhangjiajie travel image.

Translated by Sophia