Zhangjiajie prepared for Golden Week of National Day with Various measures

On Sept.22nd, As the Golden Week of National Day is approaching, the preparation work is in full swing.

In order to ensure the service and safety in scenic spots, Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan area has been divided into two districts including residential part and sightseeing part and there are three lines in terms of functions which are tourists’ management, emergency logistics and news propaganda. In light of the new features of tourists’ reception, tourists’ communication center, tourist service center and travel information service center have been established. And it has adopted a responsibility system based on the combination of lines and points with the latter more emphasized.

During the whole vocation, all the staffs will go to work and 24 hours on duty. Besides, tips for those who are going to visit core scenic spot of Wulingyuan, you should bring your coat and rain gear to protect you from getting cold for the temperature here is 4 to 5 degrees centigrade lower than outside.

Here are some duty telephone numbers during Golden week of National Day for you to contact in case of an emergency:

1.Duty Room of Wulingyuan District Tourist Administration:0744-5618109

2.Complaining and Consulting Telephone of Wulingyuan District Tourist Administration:0744-5618331

3.Office of Tianzi Mount scenic area:0744-5617338

4.Office of Suoxiyu scenic area:0744-5616946

5.Office of Yangjiajie Mount scenic area:0744-5517666

6.Office of Yellow Dragon Cave scenic area:0744-5618489

7.Office of Baofeng Lake scenic area:0744-5616843

8.Consulting Telephone of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park:0744-5712189

Lines to Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Scenic Area are as follows:

1.Zhangjiajie Downtown–Zhang-Qing Road–Wulingyuan or Zhangjiajie National Forest Park;

2.Zhang-Chang Highway–Yanglong Road–Wulingyuan.

By Brenda