Zhangjiajie Tujia Ethnic Spring Festival

The Spring Festival of Tujia Ethnic

From the first month of the lunar year first one before two days had begun, the first day weighs good year, weigh off year the following day. Night of the New Year's Eve each a big bavin since Xi, surround sit taletelling of listen respectfully old person. Stay up late or all night on New Year's Eve arrives day break.

During the festival, earthy family should have indicative good fortune as one wishes, rich rich beyond (fish)"of "red Qu Yu and caldron braise dish (or say to add up to dish) . Old "is held to place hand dance"to meet at the beginning of the first month of the lunar year. "places hand dance"to call "Sheriba again", young men and women of the Tujia ethnic wears gorgeous "Xi Lan to block general"(bright and beautiful by) , laying the lucky colored flag of embroider Long Feng, carry the load beat, companion that waits for musical instrument in a two-stinted bowed instrument with a lower register than Jingo, suona horn, ox horn has dance below the Qin Dynasty, constant companion has poetry, dance appearance of primitive simplicity, qu Ya, beautiful, include to chase, more than 70 movements such as military affairs, agronomic, banquet, image is distinctive, have marked ethical characteristic and full-bodied life flavor.

The participant amounts to 10 thousand people, occasion is royal. In addition, make fun of dragon lantern, make fun of the lion, the lantern show, thespian, the activity such as wushu brings infinite interest for happy earthy family.

Drive year

It is Sichuan, Hunan, Hubei the festival with the triumphal victory of ancestor of recall of people of Tujia ethnic of 3 provinces boundary. Fokelore is before early, an ancestor of the Tujia ethnic is forced to leave country by the well, old the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem defends an edge to close, have never been heard of since.

The family of looking forward to with eager expectancy, be informed the message that home of the bout at the beginning of the first month of the lunar year of person of edge of the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem reunites suddenly, very glad, make an appointment with this day of relatives and friends to come round to get together. But because war is nervous,sign a person, till the coming year Chu Yicai returned native place in July.

At the appointed time, everybody kills a pig to slaughter a sheep, dozen cooked glutinous rice pounded into paste, grind bean curd, wine banger of rice wine, fill, congratulate family member safety having Qiang, victory triumphal. During the festival, kin friend should eat lunch in all, eat reunion meal, jump "Sheriba".

Tone annual meeting

Earthy home language calls "the company cling to". It is with sacred ancestor, the activity of singing and dancing of a kind of of a mass character that photograph of invocatory bumper harvest contacts.

At the appointed time, the attune of each village year level ground and the field that place a hand (widen the ground evenly namely) on day of noisy of gong and drum, scale is very large, the person that attend the meeting is gone to toward on 10 thousand people. Except jump outside the dance that place a hand, still have Chinese show, on the west vehicle of play, in relief play, car dance of the lamp, dragon lantern, lion.

The every other of tone annual meeting with this kind of large scale is held several years, odd-numbered days begins and end, date also is odd, last a period of time is controlled 7 days. Still one kind calls "the small"that place a hand, date is short, have 3 days only, dimensions is lesser, on tone annual meeting the performance is mirrorred all the year round the dancing of agronomic activity, dance movement is straightforward and powerful, range is bigger, both hands swings clean agile, the hand does not cross a shoulder. This kind of dancing calls "Shebaba again in place", "is abandoned cling to lunar".