Tujia Ethnic Crying Marriage

The crying marriage is one of the unique traditional culture of Tujia ethnic. Tujia girl was wedded by crying on the marriage day. The bride shall cry before more than half a month the wedding, some will cry for more than one month, 3-5 days at least.

Tujia Ethnic Crying Marriage Songs

Tujia ethnic people take to sing the crying marriage songs as a woman's wisdom and virtue sign. The songs including "Crying parent", "Crying elder brother and his wife", "Crying uncle", "Crying sisters", "Crying matchmaker", "Crying comb", "Crying flowering", "Crying to bid farewell father and mother", "Crying to bid farewell forefather", "Crying on sedan chair", etc. Now the crying marriage is only a ritual.

"Crying marriage song" is of Tujia ethnic custom folk song. The girl shall sing the songs within one month before marriage. To tell the unfortunate fate of Tujia ethnic women under the feudal forced marriage system and nostalgic feeling of dismay. According to custom, the girl will cry to sing for 7-15 days, a month at most, until the girl's crying voice is hoarse.