Zhangjiajie Tujia Ethnic Dancing Culture

Tujia Ethnic Hand- Waving Dance

The Hand-waving dance is the most popular ancient dance of the Tujia people. In the past, it was a kind of martial dance and used in fighting with enemy. It lasts from the beginning of January to the 17th of the lunar calendar. Hundreds or thousands people perform the dance. They are dressed in splendid attire, singing and dancing. At night, they beat drums and gongs. In these days, all the Tujias are immersed in a warm and lively atmosphere.

Mao Gu Si Dance

Mao Gu Si means men with a lot of fur in Tujia language. The dance originated from sacrifice ceremony of the ancient Tujia people. It's the most primitive and roughest type of Tujia Dance. The experts thought it as a live fossil of Chinese operas. It reflects the ancient primitive lives of the Tujias: hunting, fishing, farming and so on. All players dress clothing made from straw.