Zhangjiajie Travel Gourmet Festival is to be held in 2013 Spring Festival

On 12th Dec. Afternoon, a meeting on travel gourmet festival during 2012 Chinese New Year was convoked by Zhangjiajie Tourism Bureau. Attendants were representatives from some Zhangjiajie hotels, Zhangjiajie travel and cuisine association.

In the meeting, manuals of “Advices on Tourism Gourmet Festival in 2013 Spring Festival” were handed out by Zhangjiajie Tourism Bureau and detailed issues on this activity were discussed over the meeting.

The activity is known as a large-scale commercial celebration for boosting cultural travel whose theme is cultural travel of gourmet. It is to start from December 15, 2012 to March 15, 2013, which will last for 3 months. This activity will create an atmosphere of joyous, peace and happiness and will definitely absorb more tourist to Zhangjiajie in winter.

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By Brenda