Hunan Dong Villages Ethnic Group Enlisted in CWCH Tentative List

On November 17, the application jointly submitted by six counties in three provinces (Suining County and Tongdao County in Hunan Province, Sanjiang County in Guangxi Province, and Liping County, Rongjiang County, and Rongjiang County in Guizhou Province) passed official review, allowing the counties' Dong minority villages to be successfully included in the latest China's World Cultural Heritage Tentative List.

Of  the six counties, Suining County is the central birthplace of the Dong ethnic group's long-standing culture. The Dong have created numerous villages, ancient building complexes, drum towers and flower bridges in this area, and it is one of the places where Dong culture has been best preserved and protected.

Original Dong culture has been preserved in areas such as Suining, Sanjiang, Liping and Tongdao. Suining, Sanjiang in Guangxi, Liping in Guizhou, and Daotong of Huaihua City have been linked by mountains and rivers since ancient times. They share a common history, a close cultural heritage, and have similar folk-customs.

Shangbao Dong Village in Suining

Datuan Dong Village in Suining

Dong people in Suining

Translator: He Yao

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal