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Zhangjiajie Tianmen mountain shows buddha light

On November 9th, Zhangjiajie tianmen mountain hangs over the misty fog, and Zhangjiajie Tianmen mountain cableway is traveling in a piece of white.Near the top of the mountain, a mass of multicoloured “Buddha” shows in the heavy fog, making visitors feel surprise.

According to related data, “Buddha” is a specific environment produced by the atmospheric optical phenomenon. It appears by the combination of many natural factors such as terrain and sea of clouds, only in a few conditions, people can enjoy the “Buddha”.

Tianmen mountain is at the age of mist, since the ancient times, it hs “Xiangxi first mountain” of reputation.The mountains often appear all sorts of meteorological wonders. “Buddha” this meteorological wonders alone has on the day the tianmen mountain cableway, period of ghost valley road, etc.At the same time, a mirage flashes, tianmen spit fog, also let many tourists marvel at the sea of clouds and other wonders.

Translated by Sophia