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Zhangjiajie the Dragon Ladder launches New Discount Tickets

From now on to February 29th, 2016, Every tourist who buys a ticket in Zhangjiajie Dragon ladder, Not only can be “Quick passage” priority on, can also be given 30 yuan buffet vouchers in avatar ecological restaurant.

Just in the guinness book of world records, Zhangjiajie Dragon ladder is known as the “World first ladder”, is the most convenient channel for Chinese and foreign tourists to visit “Avatar” floating mountains.At the same time, Yuanjiajie visitor center is Wulingyuan scenic area’s largest collection of travel information, travel information, travel, shopping, medical care, food and services. Visitors can have a rest in the integration of multi-functional tourist service center.The avatar ecological restaurant has opened a Chinese food, western food, Korean food, buffet and so on.

Zhangjiajie Dragon ladder company controller introduce, the launch ticket coupons activities can benefit masses of tourists in off-season, and attract more tourists to visit Zhangjiajie Dragon ladder.

Translated by Sophia