Zhangjiajie Sustained Promoted Travel in South Korea

In 2013 Japan and South Korea investment promotion activity, Zhangjiajie delegation took part in the forum held in Seoul, Korea. Deputy Mayor of Zhangjiajie Cheng Danfeng put emphasis on the new concepts and new products in Zhangjiajie travel in recent years. He mainly introduced the main condition, natural landscape and remarkable achievements got in mixing travel and culture of Zhangjiajie. Also, he focused on newly developed scenic spots such as Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, Hallelujah Mountain and Yangjiajie mountain wall.

Korea travel agencies exchanged their concern questions with Zhangjiajie delegation. On behalf of Zhangjiajie Government, Cheng Danfeng issued thank-you cards to 5 Korea travel agencies, HANATOUR, MODETOUR, Korea Tourism Association, YBTOUR and TRAVELBIZ.

Translated by Becky