2013 China Zhangjiajie(Seoul) Travel Investment Seminar Kicks off

On Oct 22th, As the 2013 China Zhangjiajie(Seoul) Tourism Investment Introduction & Project Fair kicks off in Seoul, South Korea,“Beautiful China; Ecological Zhangjiajie”–2013 China Zhangjiajie(Seoul) Tourism Investment Seminar is held at the same time. Chen Danfeng, member of Zhangjiajie standing committee and vice mayor makes theme speech and Zhou changting, The counsellor of Chinese embassy in South Korea and other relevant personnel attend the meeting.

Chen danfeng makes a comprehensive introduction about the splendid ecological travel resources in Zhangjiajie and recommends the new-built leisure-vocational travel product and 15 main investment projects in terms of culture, travel, modern agriculture and e-business. He comments at present Zhangjiajie is carrying out the strategy of “Upgrade Zhangjiajie, Build a new version”, which will update the travel facilities, travel products and travel services as well as bring a extensive bright expectation on culture industry, outdoor travel, bio-medicine and clean energy; since South Korea is a country with advanced culture and rich innovation, we hope the South Korea businessmen can bring this culture and innovation to Zhangjiajie, so that we can make better development and construction in Zhangjiajie, which may make more peopel learn about South Korea culture, besides we encourge more people to go sightseing, have vocation and invest in South Korea.

This introductary meeting is one of the main activity of Zhangjiajie’s participation in “2013 Investment Business in South Korea”. Relevant personnel from Zhangjiajie travel bureau, Zhangjiajie trade promotion office and Zhangjiajie commercial sector attend the meeting.

The hold of 2013 China Zhangjiajie(Seoul) Tourism Investment Seminar is a good chance for Zhangjiajie to extend the opening-up, deepen Sino-South Korea travel, trade and economic cooperation, which will act as an engine for travel heating-up and business investment.

By Crystal