The Rudiment of Fenghuang 3D Model Will Give Engine to Travel

On Oct 23th, The Fenghuang 3D model that made by the second surveying and mapping institute of Hunan comes out its basic construction. The model adopts the most advanced oblique photography technology and can true reflect Fenghuang’s surface features. You can get everything at a glance from the model, such as South China Gate of Fenghuang, Tujiang River, Hong Bridge and Diaojiao Building, which give you a fierce visual impact.

The Fenghuang 3D model covers an area of 5.3 s.q.km, embodying Fenghuang downtown and South Great Wall and other famous attractions. In the next procedure, some travel sites that have landscape value will be fine modelled. By preserving their original appearance, every door and every gate will carefully modelled and attraction phonetic explanation will be added in the 3D model.

The foundation of Fenghuang 3D model not only is a vital breakthrough of the geographic and space construction of digital Xiangxi prefecture, but also a tour guide and promotion channel for Fenghuang, which definitely will give push to travel. At that time, tourists across China can search Fenghuang’s hotel, attractions, transportation and shops in the model, by brushing Baidu and serching and opening Fenghuang 3D map. In this way, tourists have a more visual and ture understanding of Fenghuang.

By Crystal