Zhangjiajie Promotes Marvelous Mountain Walls Scenery to the World

“Amazing Mountain Walls, Second to None”, the press conference themed “ New Discovery in Zhangjiajie---Marvelous Mountain Walls” was held in Beijing on January 16. Hunan’s tourist attraction Zhangjiajie promoted the marvelous  scenery of mountain walls to the world for the first time.

Professor and municipal leader of Zhangjiajie Chen Anze and representatives of over 50 major media attended the press conference.

Chen pointed out that the mountain wall group of Yangjiajie is an important component of “Zhangjiajie landform” scenery. The mountain walls were formed before the familiar stone columns of the Tianzi Mountain, Yuanjiajie, and Huangshizhai scenic areas, and were of extremely high scientific, ecological and aesthetic value. A single stone wall is common in sandstone landform, but it is quite rare to see so well-preserved and large-scale high stone walls in Yangjiajie. “The huge scale and remarkable scenery of the stone walls is unique in the world.”

Marvelous scenery of mountain walls

Translator: Hao Jingru