Shanghai-Kunming High-speed Railway Scheduled to Open this September

Lying in the east of Changsha South Railway Station, the new station house for Shanghai-Kunming High-speed Railway is under decoration. 

The Hangzhou-Changsha section of the Shanghai-Kunming High-speed Railway is expected to open this September, by when it will take only four hours from Changsha to Hangzhou.

Shanghai-Kunming High-speed Railway meets Beijing-Guangzhou High-speed Railway in Changsha with intersection in Changsha South Railway Station.

To better serve Shanghai-Kunming High-Speed Railway, a new station house is built to enlarge the present station and is consistent with the existing style, according to the director of the construction unit. After completion, it will integrate with the old one to serve passengers of both Shanghai-Kunming and Beijing-Guangzhou High-speed Railways. At present, the station is under decoration, which is expected to be finished in April. Conditions for integration testing and commissioning work have already been available.

Translator: Tang Li

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal