Lovely Wintersweet Is Popular in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Wintersweet is a kind of flower which blossoms in winter in China. Because of its special blossom season different from most flowers which are in blossom in Spring and Summer, People are especially in favor of it for it symbolizing an independent and tough character of person. Chair Mao ever often praised Wintersweet in his poems.

Now, In Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, You have chance to appreciate it. There is a wintersweet garden in Yellow Stone Village. Wintersweet is racing in full blossom. Some is white which looks like snow and some is red looks like fire. How lovely it is. A lot of domestic and foreign tourists were fascinated by its beauty and stopped for appreciation and taking photo with it. It is said that this year’s wintersweet is in blossom nearly a month earlier than last year for this year’s higher temperature. Enjoying the sunny winter and appreciating beautiful wintersweet at the same time must be a wonderful trip.

By Patricia