Zhangjiajie Overseas Visitors Increase Steadily

As reported, thanks to Hunan province’s successive holding of international travel festival, travel commodity exposition, and international forest conservation festival and so on, Zhangjiajie witnesses the coming of more and more overseas businessmen as well as visitors, which making the autumn travel become much more popular home and abroad. Tianzi Mountain, Huangshi village, Yuangjiajie and other scenic spots are hugged by numerous tourists these days.

Other than the often seen South Korean visitors, western visitors also catch your eyes from time to time. According to the principal who is in charge of Yellow Dragon Cave, at least 10 different nationalities involved amid those overseas tourists recently. In recent years, it is self-evident that Zhangjiajie’s travel awareness has been improved greatly by means of the successful holding of a series of creative international marketing activities.

Translated by Becky