Air France Considers Changsha-Europe Direct Flights Prospect

Chen Xianchun, vice mayor of Changsha met with a delegation headed by Bruno Matheu, executive vice president of Air France- KLM on September 13.

Their visit is a part of the group's training program for executives, and aims to investigate social and economic development in urban areas and the whole country.

Vice Mayor Chen briefed guests upon Changsha's social and economic progress. He said, in recent years, the city has witnessed vigorous economic growth and acceleration of internationalization.

Being a transport hub in central China, the city has earned a reputation of "regional shopping and entertainment center" with total economic aggregate ranking seventh among capital cities across the country. It boasts vast potential in cooperation with European countries in trade, culture and travel sectors. However, this prospect will not be realized without sound international airline services.

Chen invited the French airline to deepen cooperation with Changsha by opening up direct flights between the city and London, Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfort. These air bridges would facilitate closer cooperation between the city and Europe.

Bruno Matheu said he was deeply impressed with booming Changsha. He firmly believed that tourists' dream to enjoy Changsha -Europe direct flights would come true in the near future.

Translator: Guo Yan

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal