Zhangjiajie New Jiangnan Style is baked

On January 27th 2013, Zhangjiajie New Jiangnan Style just released and had a hot debate. Once in thezhangjiajie edition jiangnan style, the “bird uncle with straw” ZhengYaPing, changed into “the monk”.

The zhangjiajie new jiangnan style with “eight minutes and 32 seconds, was longer than “zhangjiajie edition jiangnan style” which showed in November 2012. Adding new part New Year micro movie the monk understand love, carrier style, huangshi village cableway, forest park, and so on. All the actors came from the zhangjiajie edition jiangnan style. In the micro film the monk understand love ,it acted in tujia garden, straw director, ZhengYaPing played as the monk, who was no longer the evil monk, rather to satisfy XuXian three wishes after five hundred years. It was very simple and humorous.

Translated by Sophia