“Charming Western Hunan”will be recovered During Spring Festival

On January 25th 2013,according to news from related departments in Wulingyuan district, the large-scale show of ethnic culture “Zhangjiajie•Charming Western Hunan” is said to be recovered in the evening of  Spring Festival of  Snake Year on February 10.

As main external cultural and art performance program, “Zhangjiajie•Charming Western Hunan” has been deeply favored by domestic and overseas tourists. In the successive year of 2011 and 2012, over a billion audiences were accepted and the reception scale was at the forefront of the national travel entertainment performance. Eyes of  billions of global audiences have fixed upon the ethnic culture of Wulingyuan especially after the program “Pursuit of Love” in “Zhangjiajie•Charming Western Hunan” being presented with great honor in the 2012 Spring Festival Night Gala of  CCTV.

The pause of “Zhangjiajie•Charming Western Hunan”, as is said by principal of  Zhangjiajie Grand Theatre  of  Western Hunan, is mainly to make all performers get rest and reorganization during the off season of travel and at the same time to make the whole show more exquisite in order to make it more charming in the night gala of  Spring Festival of  the Snake Year.

By Patricia