Zhangjiajie Laodao Bay Welcomed Guests with Blooming flowers

On October 26th, Golden yellow coreopsises, Colorful galsang flowers and tender rose embraced a lots of guests laughing and screaming on and on in Zhangjiajie Laodao Bay. According to statistics, The area has received 60% more people than the same period last year since the National Day. Particularly on weekends, self-driving tour showed a rising trend.

Zhangjiajie Laodao Bay often has a view of blooming flowers competing with one another in each october. As the weather was fine this year, The coreopsises were usually golden. Therefore,The unique beautiful natural sights as well as various activities attracted guests from everywhere. They were amazed at the roses of different colors, like yellow, pink, white,etc. Besides, A scent of romance was formed with warm romantic tree house inns and flower-surrounded Sunshine Vocation Hotel.

Translated by Zumi