International Photographers Experience Dong Nationality Culture in Xiangxi

International amateur photographers participating in the 2014 Hunan Photography Expedition Tour visited Yutou Ancient Dong Village, a Dong Nationality stockade village of Tongdao Dong Autonomous County on the morning of October 27.

The tour members witnessed Yashang Drum Tower dominating the most beautiful village panorama under the sunrise and met a special “local resident”-Martin from Switzerland at Hengling Drum Tower of Pingtan Village. Martin accompanied the tour members to Gulou (Drum Tower) Primary School, his design studio, and a “wooden shed” where he is staying.

The photographers were mesmerized by the chic layout of Martin’s dwelling, the manual spinning machine, the unique music room, and the voluble Martin. “It is so beautiful here. And Martin is really funny. He has the best ‘wooden shed’ I’ve ever seen,” Rosemary, one of the photographers from Vietnam, said excitedly.

After lunch, the tour members were received by the Tourism Bureau of Chengbu County, and participated in the folk activity of “Da Ciba” (making glutinous rice cakes) and a recreational activity of “Ji Youjian” (a jostle-of-war competition to take a wooden bench popular among Miao people in Chengbu County) at Dazhai Village of Chengbu County.

The team reveled the novel experience and were thoroughly amused with the village residents’ generous performance of Chinese nursery rhyme “Two Tigers”.

They will wrap up the tour on October 28 at Nanshan Pasture of Chengbu County and return to Changsha in the afternoon.

Reporter: Chen Mengmei

Photographer: Cui Jinshan

Translator: Liu Fen

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal