Zhangjiajie Included in the List of 2014 Cleanest Cities in China

Zhangjiajie outshines itself as one of the 2014 cleanest cities in China announced recently.

According to the related standard—GN Evaluation Index System for China’s Cleanest Cities, the top 10 cleanest cities in China are Hong Kong, Macao, Gaoxiong, Harbin, Xiamen, Liuzhou, Baoji, Luzhou, Rizhao, and Zhangjiajie.

The index system covers five first-level indications, including urban greening, well-planned buildings, clean living environment, waste disposal, and good environmental maintenance and 21 second-level indications.

The urban landscape of Zhangjiajie City (file photo)

Translator: Li Xuan

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal